About Us

Mission Statement

This community was founded under the premise of equality for all gamers. We feel very strongly about this, as equality goes from promotions with in the community all the way to treating people equally when it comes to punishment. We feel that treating someone fairly goes a long way.

We are a PC multi-genre gaming community. From Battlefield style games, all the way to Plants VS Zombies! You don’t have to be a multiplayer gamer to join! We welcome all gamers. Even if you just want to come in and chat with people about games and make friends. However, if you do play multiplayer games, then you will have a bunch of people to play with!


Pandorum Gaming was founded by Havenbrook and Rippus in 2012, we created Pandorum Gaming to be different than other gaming communities. Havenbrook and I were tired of the ranking and favoritism in other communities/guilds that we were a part of, if you weren’t an officer or an essential member because of your dps/tanking/healing then you didn’t matter to them. We founded Pandorum with our motto “Equality For All Gamers“, we truly believe this in every way possible, if you are an officer/community rep or a fresh new recruit you will be treated equality and fairly because at the end of the day we are all gamers no matter what rank we hold.

About the Founders:


Hey guys, Well I have led countless guilds/communities in the past, when I was 12 I had a community that spanned into CS 1.6 and CS:S that amassed over 500 members. In the years that I played WoW, I was a Heroic Raid Leader i lead several server firsts in my server, I shifted my attention to PvP because of all the years in raiding i needed a break. I became a guild leader of a PvP guild that I led to 2k Rated Battleground Rating together. When Mists of Pandaria was coming out I decided to leave the game for other ventures. I have a strong community that has the right environment and mindset from the get-go, to not feel of a “small close knit of people” feeling.


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